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Gridshells roll on!
Winter 2006/7
Volume 16, No.3
BFF mag Vol.16 No.2

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This issue features an in-depth report from the new Genesis Environmental Education Centre in Somerset.

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Contents of this issue

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Cover Story - Gridshells roll on
Five years on from the groundbreaking gridshell workshops at the Weald and Downland open air museum in Sussex, fans of gridshell buildings will be thrilled to see the new Saville Gardens gridshell in Windsor Great Park (Gold Award winner of The Wood Awards 2006). Oliver Lowenstein introduces the history of the concept and discusses this latest achievement ...

Great Glenn - The new Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) corporate office at Westercraigs in Inverness has been awarded a BREEAM environmental building rating of 84%. This score has been confirmed by the BRE as the highest score achieved by any building in the UK since the BREEAM offices scheme was introduced in 1998 ...

Plugging the drain - With water shortages and hosepipe bans still in force across the south east in the middle of the winter, we are all becoming more aware of just how precious water is. Whilst metering and pricing will have an effect, it is up to us to look for novel and sustainable ways to conserve water. Kevin Telfer examines some approaches ...

Supporting the three pillars of sustainability - It doesn’t matter how worthy a band wagon is, if you jump on it without thinking holistically you may be heading for a dead end. You may be green, and consider the environment. You may be socially minded, and consider people. You may be practical and consider how to make a living. But if you want to be sustainable, John Garbutt believes you have to do all of these in order to thrive and survive.

*  Store wars - who is the greenest supermarket chain
ROC's how to earn from your own power generation
*  Practical cob building in Cornwall
*  Scotland's new timber architecture
*  Modernism and utopianism.
and loads more.

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72 pages perfect bound
Published date December 10th 2006

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