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Combined Heat and Power
Winter 2003
Volume.13. No.3
BFF mag Vol.11, No.3

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This issue includes an in-depth analysis of the potential for combined heat and power including microgeneration, fuel cells, the history of the Sterling engine, micro CHP. Also cob building, women in construction, practical ecobuilding, the BedZED files and much more.

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Combined Heat and Power: (CHP), or cogeneration, is the sequential production of power (electricity) and thermal energy from a single fuel source. CHP is a more efficient, cleaner, and reliable alternative to conventional generation. We examine the technology and muse over how it is likely to be introduced into all our buildings ...

Microgeneration: in all our homes would produce all the heat require and some electrical power as a by-product, but it would only be environmentally advantageous if the energy used to power it came from renewable resources. That day may be far away but it might not be long before we are all contributing a little power to help keep the national grid buzzing ...

Fuel Cells: are being heralded as a flexible and environmentally acceptable energy conversion technology for a wide range of applications. If powered with hydrogen generated from renewables, fuel cells have negligible greenhouse emissions ...

The micro CHP: (micro CHP) units that are currently being tested by British Gas and Powergen are based on the Stirling engine This is certainly not a new invention and in fact was patented by Scottish clergyman, Robert Stirling, in 1816 ...

Cob building: has always been a passion of builder, Kevin McCabe. He was brought up in a cob house in Devon and has lived with his family in one for the last ten years. Now he has built one. Until Kevin built this house no new cob homes had been built in the UK since the 1930s ...

Women in construction: The UK has the fourth highest female employment rate of all European countries, just behind Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and women account for 51% of the population. There are around 12.2 million women in employment in the UK (compared to 15.4 million men) and women represent 44% of the total workforce ...

Practical ecobuilding: is a new feature that we hope everyone will not only enjoy but participate in! With your help we will bring you practical, hand’s on advice. It will include maintenance, renovation and new-build ideas. We hope it will help to break down some of the barriers between the building user, the builder and the architect. Let’s all try to be open and share our ideas and practical experiences ...

The BedZED files: compares BedZED material with conventional alternatives and describes design, quality and sourcing issues, contractual arrangements and cost implications. Each of the 15 case studies quantifies the environmental impact of the material and compares it with the conventional choice. BFF has obtained permission from the publisher, to reproduce all the case studies in forthcoming issues. We kick off with local timber ...
62 pages

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