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Sustainable communities
Spring 2005
Volume.14 No.4

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This issue examines the Code for sustainable building (CSB), reports from the manchester sustainable communities summit, fears over Thames gateway proposals, mainstreaming sustainable building low allergy housing, design for deconstruction and much more.

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Editorial: putting the foxes in charge of the chicken coop!

Manchester summit: Ben Bamber reports on the event that launched the government’s Sustainable Communities Plan.

It’s getting personal!: Sue Roaf examines the sustainable communities plan and is not impressed with the government’s love of building on floodplains and boat yards.

Mainstreaming: Nick Gardner examines what lessons mainstream developers can learn from projects already underway.

Fears over Thames Gateway: Carlo Laurenzi puts the case against development on important wildlife habitats.

Code for Sustainable Building: Ben Bamber investigates the mix of membership of the government’s new Sustainable Building Task Group.
In action - on site now - Sally Hall looks at three very different schemes being built now and marketed as sustainable communities.

Building what people want: Tam Dougan wants to know if developers are doing their homework and what style of building they should adopt for the future.

Interviews: Christine Davis interviews George Ferguson the President of RIBA and kevin McCloud of Channel 4 fame.

Low allergy housing: Howard Liddell, Barbara Chapman and Sandy Halliday report on the Fairfield Housing Co-op project in Perth.

Design for deconstruction: Chris Morgan and Fionn Stevenson highlight the advantages of designing buildings that can be taken down as easily as they can be built.

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